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Vitalograph In2itive Spirometer with Spirotrac 6 Software

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In2itive Spirometer

The In2itive is a lightweight handheld, fully functional spirometer, providing portability in addition to the reporting capability of a networkable PC spirometer.

Ideal for use on multiple subjects within general healthcare and occupational health environments.  Perfectly suited for both adult and pediatric testing with data storage for over 10,000 subjects. A color touch screen display and an intuitive icon driven menu, makes the In2itive quick and simple to operate. Simple, validated hygiene system using Bacterial Viral Filters means that it is easy and inexpensive to keep the device clean.

The In2itive Spirometer comes with:

  •     Cradle
  •     Remote Flowhead
  •     USB cable
  •     Charger plug
  •     Stylus
  •     Vitalograph Reports Software
  •     Carry Pouch
  •     Spirotrac 6 Software


  • VC, FVC, and bronchodilator responsiveness testing. Over 50 available parameters, GLI predicted equations and Z-scores.
  • Low running costs. No need for costly disposable sensors, turbines, or flow tubes.
  • Save time & money on cleaning by using Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters (BVFTM).
  • Real-time curves and incentive animations encourage optimal performance.
  • Remote flowhead enables the subject to view incentives while performing the test.
  • Robust, linear and reliable flow measurements even at very low flow rates.
  • Cradle for battery charging, connection to a PC and automatic data exchange.
  • Be sure of accurate test results through quick and easy calibration verification routines as recommended by international spirometry guidelines (ATS/ERS and ARTP).
  • Electrical outlet or rechargeable battery powered for total flexibility and portability.

Technical Specification

Brand - Vitalograph
Detailed Technical Information -
Test types: Single breath tests, flow/volume loops, multi-breath testing, tidal breathing and combined VC/FVC type test methods supported
Selectable Parameters: VC; IVC; IC; VT (TV); TLC; RV; IRV; ERV; FRC; FVC; FIVC; FEV1; FEV3; FEV6; FVC; FEV1/VC; FEV1/FVC; FEV3/VC; FEV3/FVC; FEV1/FEV6; FEF75; FEF50; FEF25; FEF25-75; FEF25-75/FVC; FIV1; PIF, FIV1/ FIVC, FIF25, FIF50, FIF75, FEF50/FIF50, FET, MVVind, FEV1 Ratio; FEV0.5; PEF L/min; PEF L/s; FEF 0.2-1.2; FEF 75-85%; FEF25%; FEF50%; FEF75%; FMFT; FIF25%; FIF50%; FIF75%; PIF; FEV0.75; Lung Age.
Predicted Values Selectable: GLI, ERS/ECCSI, NHANES, Polgar, Pereira, Berglund,Forsche, Gutierrez,Hedenström, Taiwan;Knudson, Crapo; Hsu; KNLW; Viljanen; SEPAR; Gulsvik; SBPT; Tamura; Ip; Quanjer; Wang; Dockery.
Flow Technology: Fleisch Pneumotachograph
Resolution: 10 mL volume; 0.01 L/s flow
Data Storage: Stores up to 10,000 subjects
Accuracy when in Operating Range: Volumes: Better than ± 2.5% (Max 10L / Min 0L) Flows: Better than ± 10% (Max 16L/s / Min 0.02L/s) Linearity: ± 5% in range 0.1 L/s to 16 L/s
Dimensions Device: 160mm x 100mm x 45mm (with flowhead attached)
Nett Weight: Device: 230g
Performance Standards & Guidelines: ATS/ERS 2019, ISO 23747:2015 & ISO 26782:2009
Safety Standards: EN 60601-1:2006
Display Color touch screen
Printer Options Use Vitalograph Reports to print to pdf
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