Defibrillator Units

Unit only solutions for situations where the AED isn't required to be publicly accessible like a small office

Defibrillator Packages

AED Packages for installation in a public place with tailored solutions for both indoor and outdoor settings

We are one of the UK leading distributors of AED's (Authomated External Defibrillators), having placed on the market several thousand devices by world's leading manufacturers of PAD (Public Access Defibrillator) including Heartsine, Physio Control, Lifepack, Zoll, Progetti, Philips, CU Medical Systems, Mediana, DefibTech, Cardiac Science and Schiller. Majority of our defibrillators are in stock in our warehouses in Kent and are available to buy or despatched directly by out partners. Defibrillators accessoreis: Defibrillator pads and AED batteries are also available to order.
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