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There are different types of ECG or electrocardiography machines. Each type has its own particular features and whilst working in a similar fashion, they can vary in size and functionality but in essence they in looking for cardiac irregularities. Different machines collect different amounts of data and are sometimes differentiated by their portability and applications.

ECG Machine Uses

Primarily ECG machines are used for medical diagnostic testing to monitor a person’s heart rate, and in particular the electrical signals that the heart produces.
The 12-lead ECG is the standard ECG machine which is used for medical diagnostics and the most popular ECG machine that Primary Care Supplies offer.  It can provide the medical professional with a printed record of the ECG, covering 12 different electrical signals at the same time and is good for diagnosing potential heart attacks and murmurs.

You can see our full range of ECG machines from leading brands Welch Allyn and SECA.  See the heart function clearer with the latest technology from leading manufacturers Cardioline, Medlab & Kenz. Variety of options include portable ecg solutions to PC based ecg systems. In addition to our wide range of ECG monitoring systems; we stock recording paper, electrodes & gel.

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