Get your practice prepared for the mass rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination.

GP practices are expected to deliver at least 975 vaccinations every 7 days.
Let us help expand capacity at your practice. 

“The NHS needs to be ready to start immediate vaccination.”

975 vaccinations

to be administered every 7 days at GP practices

£25.16 per patient

paid to the practice upon completion of the final dose with each patient receiving 2 doses within a 28 day period at £12.58 per dose

7 days
shelf life

when stored in a pharmacy fridge between 2 and 8 degrees celsius


is when GP's are expected to be ready to deliver the vaccine

Does your practice have the capacity to deliver at least 975 vaccinations over 7 days?

Our specialist team are ready to help with your equipment and logistical requirements.

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